When water shortages become a reality, your skin starts to suffer. African Extracts with skin-nourishing rooibos comes to the rescue. Keep a pack of our Classic or Purifying Wipes handy to clean your hands, freshen your face and care for your family too.

Put your rinse-off face wash to one side and rediscover the pleasure of a creamy tissue-off cleanser. Classic Soothing Cleansing Lotion has rooibos, chamomile and Vitamin C and AE C Wipes L
it’s light and non-greasy with a gentle fragrance. Carry a small spray bottle filled with Refreshing Toner for all-day on-the-go freshness.

As soaking in a bath becomes a distant memory, dry skin on arms and legs can become an issue. Keep skin moist and smooth with African Extracts Exfoliating Body Scrub followed by luxurious Shea Butter, or our miracle-working Tissue Oil that pampers everything from dry elbows and knees, to toes and nails.

Every drop counts as water-saving becomes a new way of life in the Western and Eastern Cape but you can still keep on top of your beauty routine.

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